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10,000 Degrees Expands Napa Valley Unified School District Partnership To Help Low-Income Napa Valley Students Enter College

10,000 Degrees Expands Napa Valley Unified School District Partnership To Help Low-Income Napa Valley Students Enter College

10,000 Degrees To Work with Napa Valley Unified School District To Grow College Awareness Programs, Expand Financial Aid And Scholarship Support, And Cultivate A College-Going Culture

San Rafael, Calif. (October 2, 2023) – 10,000 Degrees, an organization dedicated to empowering students to enter and graduate college in Napa and seven other Bay Area counties, is pleased to announce a newly extended partnership with the Napa Valley Unified School District (NVUSD) to help increase college access opportunities for all low-income high school students in Napa Valley.

Through the expanded partnership, 10,000 Degrees will work with five NVUSD high schools to increase early college awareness programs, on-site high school support by 10,000 Degrees Fellows (who are all near-peer, college graduates with similar backgrounds), and encourage a college-going culture for low-income high school students in the district.

Additionally, 10,000 Degrees will leverage its 40+ year experience providing financial aid and scholarship assistance to students, as well as its partnerships with organizations like NCAN and the California Student Aid Commission, to work with NVUSD to increase financial aid submission rates for high school seniors in order to help NVUSD meet the new California graduation mandate. This mandate requires all students to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application (CADAA) before graduation.

“We are thankful for partnerships that provide our students with access to new and expanded college and career readiness opportunities,” said Pat Andry-Jennings, NVUSD Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services. “Our partnership with 10,000 Degrees is one way we support our students now and as they transition into college.”

10,000 Degrees Fellow Support

Through its partnership with the NVUSD, 10,000 Degrees will expand on-site Fellow support at NVUSD high schools. 10,000 Degrees Fellows serve as near-peer college coaches who come from similar backgrounds and are often alumni of 10,000 Degrees. Fellows are employed full-time by 10,000 Degrees and are trained and supervised by 10,000 Degrees program managers and program directors.

10,000 Degrees Fellows will provide consistent on-site support for NVUSD students, with an emphasis on seniors from low-income backgrounds, up to four days a week, depending on the needs and schedule of the school and college admission season. Additionally, Fellows will collaborate closely with high school counselors, administrators, school staff, and community partners to implement student outreach strategies, collaborate on joint programming, and ensure open communication for student success.

Additional 10,000 Degrees Support 

10,000 Degrees will closely collaborate with NVUSD high schools on increasing postsecondary programming to maximize impact. Including expansion of financial aid awareness presentations, financial aid application submission workshops, financial aid office hours, and individual support for students from low-income backgrounds.

10,000 Degrees will also increase the number of in-person and virtual college awareness programs, such as ‘College Pathway’ presentations, college access summer programming for rising seniors known as the ‘College Opportunities Summit,’ financial aid literacy workshops such as ‘Money Matters, Budgeting for College,’ and other college access workshops for students and families. Additionally, 10,000 Degrees will provide wrap-around scholarship support for NVUSD high school seniors from low-income backgrounds, and success and career readiness support.