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Founded in 1981, 10,000 Degrees has expanded to eight Bay Area counties serving more than 16,000 high school and college students each year. In 2019, we launched our College Access and Success programs in Napa County. Our local impact includes near-peer mentoring, financial aid advising, scholarships, and college matriculation support at six high schools—American Canyon, Valley Oak, Napa High, Vintage High, New Tech High, Calistoga Junior/Senior High. Our growing high school presence resulted in more scholarships awarded to Napa Valley College students than previous years.

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American Canyon High
Calistoga Junior/Senior High
Napa High
Valley Oak High
Vintage High
New Tech High


Napa Valley College

The Opportunity in Napa County

Meaningful change. Lasting impact.

As a world-renowned wine region and luxury destination, Napa County’s economy is driven by a multigenerational immigrant workforce. Families have overcome unimaginable hardships to build a better life for their children and give them access to higher education. The college dream remains out of reach for many Napa high school students, as the troubling statistics at right demonstrate.

10,000 Degrees works to change that. We are committed to increasing student applications for free financial aid at our partner schools, and helping more socioeconomically disadvantaged students in Napa County get into college, persist in college—and graduate with their degree. That’s our promise.

What we do: We work directly with Napa County students from low-income backgrounds to:

  • Foster a college-going culture
  • Introduce 2- and 4-year college pathway options
  • Assist students with college applications and enrollment
  • Help students apply for and manage free financial aid (FAFSA & CA Dream Act)
  • Provide scholarships and near-peer mentoring to successfully navigate the entire college journey
  • Offer community college transfer support
  • and more!

Our support extends to, through, and beyond college: We offer paid internships and career development opportunities through our local business partners.

0 %
of Napa high school students are socioeconomically disadvantaged
0 %
of Napa high school seniors graduate without meeting the academic requirements to attend a four-year college
0 %
of Napa high school students did not submit applications for free financial aid

Your gift to 10,000 Degrees will allow us to help more Napa students from low-income backgrounds achieve their college and career dreams.

What our partners, students, alumni, and staff have to say about 10,000 Degrees

Regional Stories

Regional Leadership Team

Christopher Gonzales - Chief Strategy Officer in 10,000 Degrees

Christopher Gonzales

Chief Strategy Officer

Eli Weinzveg – Director of College Pathways for Sonoma, Napa, and Lake County

Eli Weinzveg

Director of College Pathways for Sonoma, Napa, and Lake County
Katrin Ciaffa - Regional Director in Sonoma & Napa County

Katrin Ciaffa

Regional Director, Sonoma & Napa County

Napa Regional Office
3299 Claremont Way #2
Napa, CA 94558

Napa Advisory Board

Deborah Goldman, Chair
Graham Alcott
Cinthya Cisneros
Maria Cisneros
Jennifer Dacus
Steve Dacus
Yuan D’Antilio
Natalie deLeuze
Jeff Dodd
Matt Eisenberg
David Freed
Carol Guthrie
Daniel Ha
Micki Hambro
Manbin Khaira Monteverdi
Beth Painter
Bertha Rodriguez
Chris Roth
Ira Schwartz

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