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Career Mentor Program

The 10,000 Degrees Career Mentor Program facilitates mentoring relationships with current 10,000 Degrees students and alumni that connect Mentees with professionals in the community. Career Mentors help emerging professionals to explore career opportunities, become strong job applicants, expand their professional network, and achieve their career goals.

Become a Mentor

As a mentor, you will make an impact by supporting first-gen college students & alumni, providing career guidance, sharing career expertise, and giving back to the community. Mentors:

  • Review Application Materials
  • Conduct Mock Interviewers
  • Conduct Informal Interview
  • Provide Career Conversations & Guidance
  • Facilitate Career Connections to Build Professional Network
Career Mentor Program

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Become a Mentee

If you are a 10,000 Degrees student or alumni, and interested in connecting with a Career Mentor, please login to the Student Portal.

Career Mentor Program for Students

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