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10,000 Degrees To Honor Inspiring Alumni At ‘Alumni Changemakers Celebration’

10,000 Degrees To Honor Inspiring Alumni At ‘Alumni Changemakers Celebration’

The 10,000 Degrees ‘Alumni Changemakers Celebration’ Will Recognize Five Honorees  At The Julia Morgan Ballroom In San Francisco On November 2, 2023

San Rafael, Calif. (October 18, 2023) – 10,000 Degrees, an organization dedicated to empowering students across the Bay Area and in Utah to enter and graduate college, hosts the annual ‘Alumni Changemakers Celebration’ on Thursday, November 2 at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco. The 10,000 Degrees ‘Alumni Changemakers Celebration’ will recognize five inspiring alumni who are making an impact in the world as changemakers in their families, careers, and communities.

The five 10,000 Degrees ‘Alumni Changemaker’ honorees – Adriana Ascencion Cisneros, Ashley M. Blanco, Dayane Mendoza Solis, Genesis Vasquez, and Josue Castillo – will take the stage to share their inspiring personal stories of triumph over adversity by recreating a storytelling setting similar to the popular “The Moth” podcast. The honorees were selected by the public with over 1,200 votes cast and will be presented with the 10,000 Degrees ‘Alumni Changemaker’ award.

“10,000 Degrees is on a mission to achieve educational equity by supporting students from low-income backgrounds to realize their full potential, and positively impact their communities and the world,” said Kim Mazzuca, 10,000 Degrees president and CEO. “We’re incredibly proud of this year’s 10,000 Degrees ‘Alumni Changemakers’ who have demonstrated how a college degree has changed the course of their lives, their families’ lives, and their communities.”

10,000 Degrees 2023 ‘Alumni Changemakers’

“As a first generation and bilingual college graduate, I take pride in being able to help my family with the education and opportunities I have gained. 10,000 Degrees has helped me jumpstart my educational experience, independence, and overall success as an adult,” stated Adriana Ascencion Cisneros, 10,000 Degrees ‘Alumni Changemaker.’

“My biggest impact has been consistency in the lives of children and youth who have not had adults show up for their holistic development across their ages and stages. Since I graduated school, I have served as a before-and after-school teacher, tutor, case manager, children’s ministry director, and a family support specialist,” stated Ashley M. Blanco, 10,000 Degrees ‘Alumni Changemaker.’

“As a college graduate, the biggest impact I’ve had on the lives of others is being present. I choose to be deeply involved in my community because through my involvement, I have the opportunity to share my experiences and offer my support to individuals on the path to creating the life they desire for themselves,” stated Dayane Mendoza Solis, 10,000 Degrees ‘Alumni Changemaker.’

“As a college graduate, I have made a significant impact within my community by becoming part of the 5.5% of Latin Spanish-speaking therapists in the U.S. I work with Latino families who have recently immigrated to this country and are dealing with traumatic life experiences,” stated Genesis Vasquez, 10,000 Degrees ‘Alumni Changemaker.’

“10,000 Degrees played a major role in my life. Through their network of unconditional support, they allowed me to dream, showed me compassion, and provided mentorship that I would not have received elsewhere,” stated Josue Castillo, 10,000 Degrees ‘Alumni Changemaker.’

10,000 Degrees ‘Alumni Changemakers Celebration’

Guests attending the 10,000 Degrees ‘Alumni Changemakers Celebration’ will enjoy a cocktail reception with cityscape views, a seated three-course dinner, and a program featuring live inspirational storytelling from the 10,000 Degrees “Alumni Changemakers’ honorees.

10,000 Degrees ‘Alumni Changemakers Celebration’ sponsors include Bank of America, Cisco, Comerica Bank, Excite Credit Union, Lucidworks, TPG, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Foundation, Chris Boyd, Sandy Donnell and Justin Faggioli, Dan and Tracy Drury, Debra Fletcher, Trish Hayward and Jeff Depew, Vanessa Holton and Lloyd Aubry, Jr., Sheila and Thomas Larsen, Mark and Katey Mokelke, Robert Retana and Juan Carlos Suarez Uribe, Gene and Suzanne Valla, Julie and Michael Whitcomb, and Mary and Michael Wolfe.

The 10,000 Degrees ‘Alumni Changemakers Celebration’ on Thursday, November 2, at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco is open to the public. For more information, to purchase tickets, learn more about sponsorship opportunities, or to donate, view our event page.