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Finishing Touches

How to thoroughly proofread and edit your resume.

Proofread and Edit

Proper spelling, grammar, and clear prose are essential in resume writing. HR staff and recruiters will read dozens of resumes and applications for most positions, and so getting the little details right will help you stand out from other applicants. Before submitting your resume, make sure to proofread and edit carefully. Ask a friend or colleague to review your resume to provide feedback and catch any mistakes you may have missed. If you can, copy and paste your resume into Word and run a spell check. Print your resume out and read it backwards looking for spelling errors. Once you’ve proofread your resume and had a friend/colleague proofread, complete this resume review checklist:

Resume Review Checklist

  • Colors are consistent (i.e. headers are the same color, etc.)
  • Font style and size are consistent
  • Use of periods (or not) is consistent. (it’s recommended to not use periods)
  • Tense is correct and consistent.
  • Spacing is consistent and there’s not extra space between rows and words or letters
  • Resume is tailored to the job that you’re apply for
  • Hyperlinks (email, LinkedIn profile, work samples, etc) work properly
  • Acronyms are spelled out
  • No spelling or grammatical errors (use spell check or an online tool like Grammarly)
  • Resume is saved as a PDF (do not upload Word or Google Docs unless specifically asked to)
  • Resume file name is formatted properly (e.g. Jennifer_Lopez_Resume)
  • You’ve read your resume out loud to catch mistakes
  • Your resume has been reviewed by friend, family member, or colleague