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Independent contracting and freelancing for undocumented students

As an independent contractor or freelancer, you provide services to clients or companies on a project-by-project basis, rather than being employed as full-time or part-time employee by a company. Independent contractors and freelancers have control over their work schedules, clients, and the way they deliver their services.

For undocumented students without work authorization, independent contracting and freelancing can offer flexibility, self-employment, and income generation. To find work, as an independent contractor or freelancer, you are responsible for securing the work and projects yourself. There are many resources available to learn how to market your skills and talents so that people will hire you to complete projects.

View our best practices for resources to support undocumented individuals with assessing campus and community resources, finding work, getting immigration support, learning about ITINS and taxes, and getting connected to undocumented peers and advocacy groups.

Pro Tip: It is important to note that specific laws and regulations can vary per state and county on independent contracting and freelancing. Undocumented professionals should be aware of the regulations in their area and consult with legal professionals or organizations that specialize in supporting immigrants to ensure compliance with local laws.

Here are some sites that independent contractors and freelancers use to find jobs: