Career Resources


Tips for how to begin networking to explore careers, land interviews, and more


Networking can help you explore different career fields and industries, learn about new jobs (especially jobs that aren’t public!), and even land an interview! It’s a great way to create connections and relationships with professionals.

As you become more established in your career, networking can also lead to collaboration and partnerships that can support your work and further your career and goals. Networking works both ways, meaning that you support people within your network, and they support you as well.

Networking doesn’t have to be a formal event. It can be informal, in-person or online, in small groups as well as at large events. Ways to network can include:

  • Attending a networking event – check with your college’s Career Center for dates & locations
  • Meeting someone at a work event like a conference or workshop
  • Being introduced via email to someone through a friend or colleague
  • Reaching out to a connection via email or LinkedIn for coffee or an informational interview
  • Having lunch or a video call with a colleague that you don’t know that well
  • And more!