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Tax Resources for Undocumented Students

Resources available to undocumented students seeking support for paying taxes

There are many resources available to get support in finding out how much and when to pay your taxes. There are federal and state taxes, and how you pay taxes usually varies by the type of job you have.

For people who are considered employees (hourly or salary), their taxes are usually withheld from their paychecks. When they file taxes annually, they might owe additional money or the state or federal government might owe them money.

Independent contractors and small business owners are often in charge of ensuring they are paying the correct amount of taxes throughout the year. Consult a trusted financial or tax professional to make a plan for budgeting for taxes and other expenses related to being an independent worker. Be careful to only get support through certified tax professionals. You can often get free or low-cost services through community organizations, and avoid paying high fees for tax services.

Get started by reading about tax information on the Immigrants Rising website. Get your FREE credit report. If you have an ITIN, submit a paper request to receive your report