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Work Authorization Programs

Information about work authorization programs

Some undocumented individuals may qualify for work authorization programs such as DACA, TPS, or other programs. The eligibility for these programs varies, and changing policies may impact these programs. Use the trusted resources below to stay up-to-date with policy changes. Reach out for immigration legal support if you have questions about your work authorization or eligibility.

If you currently have DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), TPS (Temporary Protected Status) or another type of work authorization, it’s best to keep your work authorization renewed, if possible.

Here are a few trusted resources to stay up to date on information:

Immigrant’s Rising DACA Updates

National Immigration Law Center DACA Updates

Informed Immigrant DACA and TPS Updates

Informed Immigrant: LRIF 

California Community College students:

  • Head to to find free immigration legal support on campus or virtually. Filing fee support available for DACA renewals and for naturalization, too.

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