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Explore Compensation and Negotiation resources to gain valuable insights on how to navigate salary discussions, negotiate job offers, and understand various compensation structures.

If you are being offered a job position, congratulations! Before saying “yes” to that offer, review your compensation package to understand your pay and benefits, and learn how to negotiate for the best package!

Pro Tip

In many industries, certain parts of the compensation package are negotiable. Before engaging in negotiation, do your homework to learn about what the average salary range and benefits may be for the type of role and employer that you are considering.

Best Practices


Learn the best practices for negotiating

Source: 10,000 Degrees

Compensation Packages

Learn about the different components of a compensation package

Source: 10,000 Degrees

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Questions to Ask About Employee Benefit Packages

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Employee Benefits and Perks

Types of Employee Benefits and Perks

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Salary Negotiation for First Generation Students

Why first-gen should always negotiate their salary, and how to start

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Negotiating Salary as a First Generation Professional

Salary negotiating best practices for first gen students

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The Unacceptable Job Offer Negotiation Technique

Techniques for negotiating an unacceptable job offer

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Successful Job Offer Negotiation

Guide to successfully negotiating your job offer

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Understanding Your Job Offer Benefits Package

Understand All 25 Components of Your Job Offer Benefits Package

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What is a Compensation Package

A complete guide to the components of a compensation package.



Salary Expectations

How to Disclose Your Salary Expectations During an Interview