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Applying for Financial Aid

Applying for Financial Aid

For students eligible for federal and state financial aid, completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the starting point.

For the 2024-2025 school year, the FAFSA will open in December 2023. The application is undergoing significant updates. Check back soon for details and instructions on how to fill out the updated FAFSA.

What is the FAFSA ?

The FAFSA is the application students must complete to apply for federal and state student assistance. Many colleges and universities also require the FAFSA to be considered for additional institutional aid.

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To Complete the FAFSA, Students will need:

  • Their and their parents prior year W-2 forms (if they worked)
  • Their and their parents prior year tax forms (if they filed)
  • Student’s Social Security Number
  • Parent’s Social Security Numbers (if applicable)
  • Student and Parent Legal Permanent Residency Cards (green card) if applicable
  • Parent’s marital status and marriage/divorce date (month/year)
  • Parent’s date of birth (month/day/year)
  • Record of untaxed income such as social security benefits or welfare benefits

Students who wish to apply for the 10,000 Degrees Scholarship must fill out the FAFSA OR California Dream Act Application (CADAA) before completing the 10,000 Degrees Scholarship application.