RAMCO Scholarship

RAMCO Scholarship

The RAMCO Scholarship, administered by 10,000 Degrees, enables RAMCO employees or the children of employees to further their educational and career goals. All funds awarded through the program can be applied towards a scholastic or vocational program. Scholarships are offered to qualified applicants company-wide, including from the areas of Watsonville, Salinas, Santa Maria, Oxnard, and Yuma, AZ.

Eligibility Requirements

  • RAMCO employees or their children presently enrolled, or who will be enrolled anytime during the upcoming academic year. The applicant or appli­cant’s parent must be a current/active RAMCO employee;
  • Current high school senior or currently enrolled full time in a four-year college/ university, junior college or accredited trade school;
  • Maintain a minimum cu­mulative GPA of 2.5 to be considered. Past scholarship winners must have a minimum of 3.0 GPA to reapply.
Scholarships For Low Income Graduate Students

Priority Deadline is March 2, 2024