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10,000 Degrees Hosts ‘Money Matters,’ An Interactive Financial Literacy Workshop For Students At Sylvester Greenwood Academy in Richmond

‘Money Matters,’ created by local nonprofit 10,000 Degrees, is intended to help low-income students better understand the importance of making informed college and career financial decisions

San Rafael, Calif. (June 26, 2024) – 10,000 Degrees, an organization dedicated to unlocking student success at scale by giving more students equitable opportunities for a quality college education and career success, will host ‘Money Matters,’ an interactive financial literacy workshop for approximately 30 students at Sylvester Greenwood Academy in Richmond, Calif., on Monday, July 1.

Sylvester Greenwood Academy is an alternative high school dedicated to helping students get back on track to graduation and future success by developing strong academic habits and learning strategies that support healthy socio-emotional development.

‘Money Matters,’ created by Bay Area nonprofit 10,000 Degrees, is designed to help students from low-income backgrounds at partner high schools better understand the importance of making informed college and career financial decisions.

About ‘Money Matters’

At the ‘Money Matters’ workshop, participating high school students are given a mock career portfolio with an average yearly salary, a description of their roles and responsibilities, and the college education they completed to obtain their careers. Students are then tasked with juggling set budgets and flexible pricing for day-to-day expenses, including housing, transportation, health, groceries, fun, and savings. Students rotate between seven stations facilitated by 10,000 Degrees staff and volunteers. At each station, students are challenged to make difficult budgeting decisions, including being encouraged to spend more than they should on products and services they may or may not need to demonstrate the results of poor financial decision-making.

‘Money Matters’ Objectives:

Money Matters workshops demonstrate to students the transformative power of a college education and its profound impact on their career and long-term financial success. Students:

  • Learn the importance of pursuing a post-secondary education and the impact it has on their career and earning potential.
  • Grow their advocacy skills by discovering what steps they need to take to find additional financial resources and grow their income.
  • Understand the various post-secondary pathway options available to meet their career goals.
  • Begin to understand day-to-day expenses and how their career choice plays a role in their ability to afford their desired lifestyle.
  • Meet 10,000 Degrees staff and learn more about 10,000 Degrees scholarships, programs, services, and resources offered at their campus.

“10,000 Degrees is committed to helping students enter and graduate from college. However, transitioning from high school to college is not easy for many students, especially for first-generation college students. ‘Money Matters’ will provide students with hands-on experience that will help them understand the importance of making smart financial decisions,” said Maria Hernandez, director of curriculum and engagement at 10,000 Degrees. “We would also like to thank our corporate volunteers, whose expertise and contributions – alongside that of our dedicated staff – will help make this important learning experience a complete success.”

Community Support

Volunteers scheduled to attend ‘Money Matters’ at Sylvester Greenwood Academy come from various companies and organizations, including Bank of America, Loomis, Sayles & Company, Mechanics Bank, Patelco Credit Union, and Poppy Bank.

Volunteers and 10,000 Degrees staff will work together at the ‘Money Matters’ workshop to help students better understand the risks and challenges associated with making certain college and career-related budgeting decisions. Volunteers will be placed at various stations to sell items to students visiting their tables. In many cases, they will be tasked to “upsell” students on expensive items or help them pick the “financially responsible” item. This will also be an opportunity for students to interact with volunteers, many of whom work at financial institutions, and to see 10,000 Degrees programming in action.