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We appreciate all that our dedicated volunteers and partnering schools do to bring the 10,000 Degrees Academic Success program to our Marin County students!

Learn more about our schools and program, get answers to frequently asked questions, or find tutoring tools to help you support your students more effectively.

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Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

Your coordinator will provide you with a personalized link to the Volunteer Daily Hours Report. Please complete after each volunteering session.

Video Instructions

  • Ask your teacher how she/he would like to be contacted (usually text or email).
  • Let your coordinator know if you have trouble getting a hold of the teacher.

Check your specific district/school calendar. Ask your AS Coordinator if you can’t find the information you need.

We’re always looking for new volunteers! To refer a friend, please have the potential volunteer fill out the volunteer application and then email your coordinator with the name of your referral. 

Contact your program coordinator to discuss your concerns. You and your coordinator will work together to determine if you need to change placements or schools.

Ask your program coordinator for a new one. You may also temporarily use a daily visitor badge from the front office.

Anytime you will be unable to make it to your placement, text and/or email your teacher. As a last resort, you may leave a message for your teacher at the front office, however they may not receive the message until the end of the day. If time allows, please also let your coordinator know.

Ask the teacher for his/her advice as they know what works for each student. Or you can also reach out to your coordinator.

If the teacher is too busy to talk with you immediately before or after your session, email him/her asking for a meeting (phone, zoom, in person) so you can express your concerns and get more information. If this does not help, let your coordinator know.


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