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Internships and fellowships available to undocumented students

There are numerous non-employment based internships and fellowships available to undocumented students. When applying to internships, fellowships, and work opportunities available to undocumented students, it’s important to verify what type of work authorization is needed. If it’s not listed on the internship details, you can reach out to inquire. If you’re not comfortable with that, have a trusted friend or mentor reach out on your behalf.

In addition to internships, fellowships are a great way to gain professional experience while getting paid and are designed to assist students with their educational and professional growth. They can last from a few months to a few years and are available to support a variety of goals, including research, training, or community initiatives.

The pay structures for each program vary, but might include payment installments or you might receive a stipend upon program completion. Many of the below programs require that applicants have an ITIN if they don’t have a SSN. Visit our ITIN resource page if you don’t have an ITIN and want to learn more. 

Here are a few programs that are open to undocumented students: 

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