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Explore different careers & identify career interests.

Explore new career paths available to you based on your field of study.

Take a career assessment to learn about careers that might interest you.


Develop your career portfolio & skills.

Strengthen your resume and cover letter.  

Schedule a mock interview to practice your interview skills


Leverage your network to fine-tune career interests & apply for internships.

Check out internships & other opportunities available to 10,000 Degrees students.

Schedule informational interviews with people in your career field to develop your network.

Apply to internships and work experiences that align with your career interests.


Secure a position in your field of interest.

Gain new workplace communication skills & techniques.

Continue to build your professional network.

Update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your latest career achievements.


Embrace leadership roles in your job and community.

Consider joining a nonprofit board or volunteering in your community.

Support 10,000 Degrees students and become a Career Mentor