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Discover tips and strategies in our Professional Networking resources, designed to enhance your networking skills and build meaningful connections in your career journey.

Networking can help you explore different career fields and industries, learn about new jobs (especially jobs that aren’t public!), and even land an interview! It’s a great way to create connections and relationships with professionals.

Pro Tip

Bring a friend or colleague to a networking event to build your connections together!

Best Practices

Using LinkedIn to Network

Tips for using LinkedIn to build and expand your network

Source: 10,000 Degrees


Tips for how to begin networking to explore careers, land interviews, and more

Source: 10,000 Degrees

From the Web

How to Build Your Network as a First-Generation Student

Four strategies to get started with professional networking.

Source: Harvard Business Review

What is LinkedIn

New to LinkedIn? Learn how best to utilize the platform to achieve your career goals.

Source: LinkedIn

Networking Calls

How To Conduct Effective Networking Calls in 6 Steps


Networking on LinkedIn

Four easy tips to Network on LinkedIn

Source: LinkedIn


Designing Your Career: The Informational Interview

Best practices for conducting an informational interview

Source: Stanford Life Design Lab

How to Network as a Student

Networking tips for students

Source: Freshman 101 Week

The 3 Bones of Networking for Student Success

Networking tips for students

Source: Isaac Serwanga | TEDx CSUS

Best Networking Tips

How to Make a Connection


First Gen Alumni Answer Your Networking Questions

Networking tips for first gen students

Source: Penn Career Services

How To Hack Networking

Learn how to network like a pro

Source: David Burkus | TEDx University of Nevada

LinkedIn Quick Tips

Quick tips on getting started with LinkedIn

Source: LinkedIn

Start Your Career | LinkedIn for Students

How to launch your career using LinkedIn

Source: LinkedIn

Networking on LinkedIn

How to network on LinkedIn

Source: LinkedIn