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Access comprehensive guides and self-assessment tools to help you make informed decisions and take confident steps towards a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Which career field or profession is best for you? Exploring different career fields is a great way to learn about the wide variety of industries and professions that you may find interesting. Many people change jobs and industries throughout their careers, so career exploration is something you may do multiple times in your life!

Pro Tip

Consider speaking with people in your network to learn about what they do for work and the type of education and skills needed for their role. This is a great way to learn about different careers!

Best Practices

Three Steps To Begin Your Career Exploration

Beginning your career exploration.

Source: 10,000 Degrees

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CareerFitter offers the most advanced career assessment tests and resources to help you find the jobs that are best for your personality.

Source: CareerFitter

Informational Interviews

Guide to conducting an informational interview.

Source: Career One Stop

How to Get the Most Out of An Informational Interview

Tips for making the most of your information interview.

Source: Harvard Business Review

Guide to Informational Interviewing

6 Steps of Informational Interviewing

Source: UC Berkeley Career Center

Informational Interviews

A Complete Guide to Informational Interviews.


Career planning videos

Repository of career planning videos

Source: Candid Career

Career Exploration tool

Career exploration tool to help determine your career path.

Source: California Career Zone

2023 Guide to Kickstarting Your Career

Complete guide to beginning your career exploration journey

Source: LinkedIn

Career Exploration

Career exploration ideas to start your journey.

Source: Big Future

What do you want to do for a living?

Career exploration ideas to start your journey.

Source: My Next Move

What Can I Do With A Major In…?

Resources for finding a career path based on your major

Source: UC Berkeley Career Center

Career Assessment Quiz

Career assessment to launch your career journey.

Source: My Plan

Career Quiz

Short career quizzes to launch your career journey.

Source: CollegeBoard Big Future

Career & Personality Tests

Short career and personality tests to launch your career journey.

Source: 123 Test

10-Minute Personality Quiz

Take this short personality quiz.

Source: 16 Personalities

100 Reflection Questions for Personal and Career Growth

Career exploration questions to launch your journey.



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