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Best Practices

Understanding Your Rights

Understand your rights and the laws that protect individuals with a disability/disabilities.

Source: 10,000 Degrees

Disclosing a Disability to an Employer

Know why and when to discuss a disability with an employer.

Source: 10,000 Degrees

Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace

When and how to request reasonable accommodations.

Source: 10,000 Degrees


Individuals who are neurodivergent may benefit from accommodations and/or utilizing resources to support their success in the workplace.

Source: 10,000 Degrees

Job Websites for Students with Disabilities & Neurodiversity

Job and internship search sites for students who have disabilities and/or neurodivergence.

Source: 10,000 Degrees

From the Web

Opportunity: ADHD at Work

Search for jobs and learn tips for seeking work through this opportunity

Source: Adda

Neurodiversity Career Connector

Employers committed to neurodiversity-focused hiring initiatives

Source: Simplify hire

Neurodivergent Job Seeker Resources

Resources to help you at every stage of your employment journey

Source: enna

Job Tips for Adults with ADHD

Five steps for landing the interview

Source: ADDitude

Career Preparation: Neurodiversity Network

Resources for neurodivergent job seekers and students, employers & universities, & the community

Source: Neurodiversity Network


Video: What is Neurodiversity?

Basics on neurodiversity and how it can be supported in the workplace

Source: Differing Minds