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Understanding Your Rights

Understand your rights and the laws that protect individuals with a disability/disabilities.

Source: 10,000 Degrees

Disclosing a Disability to an Employer

Know why and when to discuss a disability with an employer.

Source: 10,000 Degrees

Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace

When and how to request reasonable accommodations.

Source: 10,000 Degrees

From the Web

Your Rights as a College Student

Resources & Support for College Students with Disabilities

Source: Student Training & Education in Public Service

Your Accommodation Request Was Denied. What Now?

What to do if your accommodation request is denied

Source: JAN

Workforce Disability Inclusion

Advocating for Inclusive Opportunities for All

Source: National Organization on Disability

U.S. Dept of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy

Resources for people with disabilities

Source: U.S. Dept of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy

Sample Request Letter for Accommodation

Sample Accommodation Request Letters

Source: Legal Aid at Work

Sample Language for Accommodation Request Letters

Examples of Accommodation Request Letters

Source: Job Accommodation Network

Resources for Californians

An Introduction to State and Federal Laws regarding disabilities in the workplace

Source: Legal Aid at Work

Requesting Accommodations during a Job Search

How to Request Disability Accommodations During a Job Search

Source: The Muse

Reporting a Disability Rights Violation

Everything about filing a complaint


Reasonable Accommodations in the Workplace

Basic overview of reasonable accommodations in the workplace

Source: ADA National Network

Reasonable Accommodation

Ensuring Equal Opportunities: Understanding Reasonable Accommodation

Source: Civil Rights Department of California

Protection and Advocacy for People with Disabilities

Learn About Advocacy for Disability Rights Nationwide

Source: National Disability Rights Network

Proof of Disability Letter from a Doctor

What is proof of disability documentation?

Source: U.S. Office of Personnel Management

Opportunity: ADHD at Work

Search for jobs and learn tips for seeking work through this opportunity

Source: Adda

Office of Disability Employment Policy: Accommodations

Overview of accommodations in the workplace

Source: Office of Disability Employment Policy

Neurodivergent Job Seeker Resources

Resources to help you at every stage of your employment journey

Source: enna

Mental Health Conditions in the Workplace: Your Legal Rights

Learn about mental health legal guidance

Source: U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Legal Advocacy for Disability Rights in Utah

Utah disability rights resources

Source: Disability Law Center - Utah

Know Your Disability Rights

Discover your rights as a person with a disability, whether at work, renting a home, navigating public spaces, voting, or even while incarcerated

Source: ACLU

Job Tips for Adults with ADHD

Five steps for landing the interview

Source: ADDitude

Job Opportunities

Connect to a dynamic talent pool of applicants to a network of employers that values inclusion

Source: AbilityLinks

Job Opportunities

Find jobs with companies committed to hiring individuals with disabilities

Source: DisabledPerson

How to Ask for Accommodations

Your Guide to Requesting Accommodation Support

Source: Indeed

Guidance on Workplace Accommodations

Source for Workplace Inclusion

Source: Job Accommodation Network

Financial Education & Empowerment for People with Disabilities

Learn about financial inclusion

Source: National Disability Institute

Employment Opportunities: Getting Hired

Expanding opportunities for diverse talents, including job seekers with disabilities

Source: Getting Hired

Employment Opportunities: AbilityJOBS

Providing opportunities to people with disabilities since 1995

Source: abilityJobs

Employers Committed to Disability Inclusion

Empowering diversity in the workplace

Source: Inclusively

Early Career Talent Accelerator

Opportunity for people with disabilities

Source: Disability:IN

Disclosing a Disability

When and how to disclose a disability to your employer

Source: CareerOneStop

Disclosing a Disability

When and How to Disclose Your Disability to Your Employer

Source: Indeed

Disability Equality Index

About the Disability Equality Index

Source: American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD) & Disability:IN

Disability Advocacy

Empowering individuals with disabilities

Source: Respect Ability


Rebranding disability through achievement

Source: Lime

Career Preparation: Neurodiversity Network

Resources for neurodivergent job seekers and students, employers & universities, & the community

Source: Neurodiversity Network

Americans with Disabilities Act

Everything you need to understand your rights and responsibilities under the ADA


ADA Act of 1990

Understanding Titles I and V of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA)

Source: U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


What is ADA?

Basics and Definitions of the Americans with Disabilities Act

Source: Rocky Mountain ADA Center

Video: What is Neurodiversity?

Basics on neurodiversity and how it can be supported in the workplace

Source: Differing Minds