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5 Indeed Job Search Tips

Five easy tips for a better job search strategy.


Independent Contracting

Required Forms for Independent Contractors 

Source: Immigrants Rising

Writing an Effective Business Email

How to write an effective and professional business email

Source: GCF Learn Free

Designing Your Career: The Informational Interview

Best practices for conducting an informational interview

Source: Stanford Life Design Lab

How to Network as a Student

Networking tips for students

Source: Freshman 101 Week

The 3 Bones of Networking for Student Success

Networking tips for students

Source: Isaac Serwanga | TEDx CSUS

Best Networking Tips

How to Make a Connection


First Gen Alumni Answer Your Networking Questions

Networking tips for first gen students

Source: Penn Career Services

How To Hack Networking

Learn how to network like a pro

Source: David Burkus | TEDx University of Nevada

LinkedIn Quick Tips

Quick tips on getting started with LinkedIn

Source: LinkedIn

Start Your Career | LinkedIn for Students

How to launch your career using LinkedIn

Source: LinkedIn

Networking on LinkedIn

How to network on LinkedIn

Source: LinkedIn

Salary Expectations

How to Disclose Your Salary Expectations During an Interview


College Partnership Program

How to Disclose Your Salary Expectations During an Interview

How to talk about salaries.


How to Ace an Entry Level Interview

Best practices for a successful entry level interview.


Resume and Job Basics

Crafting an effective resume.

Source: Youtube