Career Resources

Undocumented Students

Explore resources, career search advice, and trusted immigration resources to help navigate career pathways regardless of immigration status.

We support all of our students in their college and career aspirations, including undocumented students. There are resources and opportunities available for undocumented individuals to use their skills to generate income, and programs dedicated to helping undocumented individuals thrive. Check out the below resources to learn more!

Pro Tip

Undocumented individuals can utilize their knowledge and skills to generate income by starting a business or making an income via contract work. Learn about different options in our resources.

Best Practices

Work Authorization Programs

Information about work authorization programs

Source: 10,000 Degrees

Tax Resources for Undocumented Students

Resources available to undocumented students seeking support for paying taxes

Source: 10,000 Degrees

Social Security Numbers (SSNs) & Individual Tax Identification Numbers (ITINS)

ITIN and SSN resources for undocumented students

Source: 10,000 Degrees

Internships & Fellowships

Internships and fellowships available to undocumented students

Source: 10,000 Degrees

Independent Contracting & Freelancing

Independent contracting and freelancing for undocumented students

Source: 10,000 Degrees

Immigration Legal Services

Get trusted legal advice

Source: 10,000 Degrees


Entrepreneurship resources for undocumented students

Source: 10,000 Degrees

Community Resources

We support all of our students in their college and career aspirations, including undocumented students

Source: 10,000 Degrees

From the Web

Fellowships and Other Non-Employment Based Opportunities for Undocumented Students

Fellowship & internship resources for undocumented students.

Source: Higher Ed Immigration Portal

Fellowship Information

Fellowship information & resources for undocumented students, their families, and allies.

Source: My Undocumented Life

ITIN Checklist


Source: United Way of California

How to Apply for an ITIN

IRS Guide on how to apply for an ITIN.

Source: IRS

Everything You Need to Know about ITINS


Source: Immigrants Rising


Tips for filing taxes

Source: National Immigration Law Center

ITINS, EINS and Taxes

Guide to ITINS, EINS, and taxes.

Source: Immigrants Rising

Credit Reports

Free credit reports


Free Financial Guidance & Assistance

Counseling, workshops, online tools

Source: Balance Pro

SparkPoint Program

Financial coaches

Source: United Way Bay Area

Financial Coaching


Source: Community Action Marin

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Sites

Provides free tax preparation for low-moderate income individuals

Source: IRS

Free Tax Help

Tax filing for college students

Source: The University of Utah

Free Financial Services

Online coaching and mobile app

Source: Mission Asset Fund

Free Tax Help

Free tax filing

Source: GetYourRefund

Free Tax Help

ITIN application and renewal

Source: United Way Bay Area

Microloans for Utah Residents

Small business loans and free business advising

Source: Utah Microloan Fund


Support small business owners and entrepreneurs in California

Source: Mission Asset Fund

Cultivating Food Entrepreneurs

Affordable commercial kitchen space to talented entrepreneurs

Source: La Cocina

SEED Grant

Funding for California residents

Source: Immigrants Rising

Support for Young Entrepreneurs 

Support for college student run businesses, especially those with a social impact, to expand and grow

Source: William G. Nash Foundation

Financial Support System

For small businesses that advance racial, gender, and economic justice for all 

Source: Accion Opportunity Fund

Networking Group

Independent workforce networking group

Source: Freelancers Union

Facebook Group

Immigrants Rising Facebook Group for Entrepreneurs

Source: Immigrants Rising

Income Generation

Webinar series

Source: Immigrants Rising

Making Money

The Non-Citizen’s Guide to Entrepreneurship

Source: New York State Youth Leadership Council

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

How to start a business

Source: Immigrants Rising

Freelance Work

Freelancing platform

Source: Freelancer

Freelance Work

Freelancing platform

Source: Upwork

Freelance Work

Platform that connects freelancers to people or businesses looking to hire

Source: Fiverr

Income Generation Options for Undocumented Students


Source: Immigrants Rising

Guide to Working for Yourself

PDF Guide

Source: Immigrants Rising

Get Started as an Independent Contractor or Freelancer

Guide to the entire process from industry research to contracts and taxes.

Source: Immigrants Rising

List of Internships and Fellowships

For non-DACA students

Source: UC Merced

List of Fellowships & Scholarships for Undocumented Individuals

List of scholarships and fellowships that don’t require proof of U.S. citizenship

Source: Immigrants Rising

What are Fellowships

Information about fellowships

Source: Immigrants Rising

Ambassador Program

Fellowship to support students navigating higher education, with a focus on the needs of systematically excluded communities across the state

Source: Let’s Go to College

Paid Summer Fellowship 

Fellowship opportunities for immigrant youth and allies

Source: Dream Summer

Alternative Income and Career Options for Undocumented Students


Source: President’s Alliance


Health Equity Scholars Programs Application 

Source: Health Career Connection

Research Experiences

Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Software Engineering (REUSE) Program

Source: Carnegie Mellon University

Academic Internships

Placements include natural & cultural resources, education & interpretive programs, communications & media, public affairs, nurseries, museum programs, & more

Source: Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy

Paid SF Leadership & Professional Development Program

For immigrant students and aspiring professionals who seek to gain real-world experience with social justice change-makers in the Bay Area

Source: DreamSF Fellowship

Naturalization Assistance 

FAJ provides FREE naturalization assistance

Source: Filipino Advocates for Justice

Legal Immigration Services 

Provides  representation in the area of deportation defense; approximately 80% of their clients are in deportation proceedings

Source: Pangea Legal Services

Legal Services for LGBTQI+ Immigrants 

Provides quality, holistic and trauma-informed legal immigration services

Source: Oasis Legal Services

Legal Immigration Services 

Legal services agency protecting and advancing the rights of low-income, immigrant, Black, and Latinx communities

Source: Centro Legal de la Raza

Legal Immigration Services in the Bay Area, CA 

Provides culturally competent and linguistically appropriate legal representation, social services, and advocacy

Source: API Legal Outreach

Legal Immigration Services in the Bay Area, CA 

High-quality, affordable immigration legal services, education, and civic engagement opportunities

Source: Immigration Institute of the Bay Area

Immigration Legal Services in East Palo Alto, CA 

Specializes in immigration, housing, workers’ rights, records clearance, and consumer protection

Source: Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto

Free Immigration Legal Services in San Francisco, CA

SFILDC is a collective of 15 organizations dedicated to serving the San Francisco immigrant community. 

Source: The San Francisco Immigrant Legal Defense Collaborative (SFILDC)

Free Immigration Legal Intake 

Online survey to help undocumented young people learn about possible immigration options

Source: Immigrants Rising

Higher Education Legal Services

Free immigration legal services for students, staff, and faculty on CA community colleges

Source: Find Your Ally

Database of Immigration Lawyers

Searchable database of lawyers specializing in immigration legal services

Source: American Immigration Lawyers Association

Database of Immigration Legal Services by State

Searchable database of law firms specializing in immigration legal services

Source: Immigration Law Help

TPS Updates

Updates on changes to TPS program

Source: Immigrant Legal Resource Center

DACA News & Updates

Updates on changes to DACA program

Source: Immigrants Rising

DACA News & Updates

Updates on changes to DACA program

Source: National Immigration Law Center

Undocumented Student Resources

Information about services and protections at UCs

Source: University of California

Undocumented Student Resources

Information about services and protections at CA state universities

Source: The California State University

Undocumented Student Resources

Information about services and protections at CA community colleges

Source: California Community Colleges

Undocumented Youth in Higher Education

Build sustainable and effective best practices for undocumented youth in higher education

Source: UndocuScholars

Immigration Reform Advocacy

Digital platform that integrates data, policies, and resources

Source: Higher Ed Immigration Portal

Advocacy Group

Defending and advancing the rights of immigrants

Source: National Immigration Law Center

Immigrant Youth-Led Community

Spaces for immigrant youth to support, engage, and be empowered

Source: United We Dream

Information for Undocumented Immigrants

Resources for immigrants in the U.S.

Source: Informed Immigrant

Pre-Health DREAMers

Promoting education and healthcare access for immigrant communities

Source: PHDreamers

Improving Immigration Law & Policy

Working with and educating immigrants, community organizations, and the legal sector

Source: Immigration Legal Resource Center

Latino Civil Rights Organization

Advocacy information and resources

Source: UnidosUS

College Access & Success Program for DREAMers

Scholarships and resources to help DREAMers graduate from college with career-ready degrees

Source: TheDream.US

Multigenerational Network of Undocumented Black People

A network for currently and formerly undocumented Black immigrants

Source: UndocuBlack Network

Networking, Community, Empowering

Support for professionals and aspiring professionals regardless of immigration status

Source: Undocumented Professionals

Transforming Lives Through Education

Services and resources for education, careers, getting papers, and mental health

Source: Immigrants Rising


Independent Contracting

Required Forms for Independent Contractors 

Source: Immigrants Rising